Online Safety and Social Media Policy


This policy provides guidance on how Aqua Baths Children’s swimming lessons use the internet and social media and the procedures for doing so. It also outlines how we expect the staff and volunteers who work for us and the children and young people who are members of our organisation to behave online.


The aims of our online policy are:

  • To protect all children & young people involved with our organisation and who make use of technology (such as mobile phones, games consoles, and the internet) while in our care.
  • To provide staff and volunteers with policy and procedure information regarding online safety and inform them how to respond to incidents.
  • To ensure our organisation is operating in line with our values and within the law regarding how we behave online.
Understanding the online world

As part of using the internet and social media our organisation will:

  • Understand the safety aspects- including what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour for staff and children- when using websites, social media, apps and other forms of digital communication.
  • Be aware that it doesn’t matter what device is being used for digital interaction, but that some safety aspects may apply whether it is a computer, mobile phone or games console.
  • When using social media platforms (including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) ensure that we adhere to the relevant legislation and do so appropriately.