Rules, Fees and Terms and Conditions


By attending aqua baths children’s swimming lessons you understand there are risks, COVID-19 is a communicable disease whilst all reasonable measures have been taken to minimise the risk we can not guarantee that COVID-19 or other infectious disease may be present within the facility/users. You understand that aqua baths childrens swimming lessons can not be held accountable if you or a family member contract COVID-19.

It should be noted Rebecca reserves the right to cancel lessons at anytime due to pool fault or teacher illness if your lesson doesn't take place you are entitled to a lesson credit for the following month. A stand in teacher can sometimes be arranged if a stand in is arranged you will not be entitled to a refund or lesson credit. (This is Rebecca's only job and she doesn't take cancellation lightly she does have a medical condition M.E chronic pain and chronic fatigue sometimes she will have to cancel due to this).

Complaints must be addressed at the time of the lesson, the teacher teaches several lessons a day 4 days a week. Remembering exactly what happened a week later just isn't possible all complaints must be recorded at the time of the lesson so hopefully they can be rectified there and then.

Different teachers have different teaching styles, it is normal that 1 child may favour 1 teacher's style over the others. The assessment is for you to get a feel of the teachers teaching style to see if it will be suitable for your child. If at the assessment you don't feel my teaching style is appropriate for your child that's fine just let the teacher know you do not wish to book in.

Parents/guardians responsibilities during lessons;

You must remain in the pool area at all times with your child, you are responsible for dressing/changing your child/going to the toilet. It is inappropriate for the teacher to offer comfort by hugging a child should your child need comfort they will be offered to yourself. Whilst your child is sat on the poolside within or outside of a lesson you are fully responsible for them and must ensure they sit still and quiet.


Due to having to chase many payments ABCSWIMMINGLESSONS will now operate a pay on entry system. If you have not paid you will not be allowed to swim and your place may be lost. If you pay by bank transfer payment must be made before 3pm the day of the lesson. If you pay by cash it must be posted in the black postbox upon entry (inside the pool), if you pay by card payment it will be taken before the lesson starts. We are pay monthly depending upon how many lessons are in the month the first lesson of the month. Pay weekly can be arranged but this MUST be pre arranged with Rebecca first.

Bank Transfer/Cash is accepted.


48h notice is required to move fees forwards, if you cancel within 48h you will still be charged for the lesson. This will be wavered if it's due to coronavirus with a positive test result.

Group lessons are 25mins long 4 children per beginners class £7 per lesson paid monthly at the first lesson of the month. It is possible to book your child in for 2 lessons per week if you wish for them to progress quicker subject to availability. You would be paying for 2 lessons per week.

Private lessons are 30mins 1 child per class £21 paid monthly at the first lesson of the month.

Coaching class 45mins 5 children per class £7 paid monthly at the first lesson of the month. Must have a minimum of 3 children to run 45mins, if there are less than 3 the time will change to 30mins.

Aquaphobia lessons are 30 to 40 mins long £25. Exclusive use of the pool, teacher and facilities.


Each child will be given 5 holidays per year renewing in January. For these 5 sessions your place will be saved and you won't be charged this excludes any cancellation within 48h of the lesson. These 5 holidays must be given to Rebecca with a minimum of 1 weeks notice. If you take more than 5 holidays per year you will be required to pay for the lessons outside of the 5 free holidays. This is because you are paying for your place within my swim school another child could attend your place and have only 3 holidays per year. It is possible to swap days for 1 week so that your child doesn't use a holiday subject to availability.

Broken bones/surgery

If your child can't swim due to surgery or broken bones. Any advanced payments will be held upon your return, if you will not be returning full refund will be given excluding the first week. Your child may lose their place but they will be given priority upon returning.

  • 1. Arriving for lessons no more than 5 mins before your lesson time, due to space, heat, humidity, sound reasons and social distancing.
  • 2. Shoes must be taken off before entering pop them in the shoe racks.
  • 3. Parents must not leave their children unsupervised in the pool area. Over 8s may attend unaccompanied but parents/carers should remain on property in their cars unless otherwise arranged. Parents/guardians need to come to the door for drop off and pick up.
  • 4. Please no food or drinks in the pool area unless it is water due to the floor emptying back into the pool, food attracts ants during the summer
  • 5. Please try to hang your stuff up on a peg in the changing room to allow space for others and keep it neat and tidy.
  • 6. Any rubbish should be put in a bin provided. (In the toilet)
  • 7. There is a coat stand for outdoor coats and jumpers please try and hang things up rather than on a seat due to limited space.
  • 8. Please make sure children go to the toilet and blow their noses before entering the pool and tie back long hair for hygiene reasons.
  • 9. All cars need to be parked on the drive where possible, if you do park on the road do so following the highway code (10m from any junction) ECT.
  • 10. Children with heavy colds or coughs will not be permitted to swim.
  • 11. Children with verrucas or athlete's foot must wear a sock whilst on poolside/changing room
  • 12. No plasters or bandages are to be worn in the pool for hygiene reasons.
  • 13. Any child misbehaving during lessons will be removed from the lesson or sat on the side.
  • 14. Long hair must be tied back and any jewelry MUST be removed this can damage the pool.
  • 15. Be polite to any other guests you may be the first people they see after a long journey.
  • 16. Children who have diarrhea can not swim until they have been 2 weeks in the clear. Not following this rule can put others at risk.
  • 17. NO PHOTOGRAPHY STRICT PERMISSION IS REQUIRED FOR PHOTOS OR VIDEOS WITHIN THE POOL AREA DUE TO SAFEGUARDING. ANYONE CAUGHT TAKING PHOTOS/VIDEOS WITHOUT PERMISSION RISK BEING BANNED FROM THE PREMISES, anyone who is found to be in violation of this rule will not be entitled to a refund of any payments already made. (the only exception to this rule is when permission has been granted by the swimming teacher and parents or during Certificate handout) this is due to several children within the care system if pictures are recognized they could be in danger.
  • 18. Please keep the poolside quiet during lessons, teaching and learning is taking place too many voices become confusing.
  • 19. Please refrain from speaking over the teacher/talking to your child whilst they are in the water, this is a huge distraction. The teacher doesn't come into your place of work and start taking over please don't do it to them.
  • 20. ZERO tolerance to any form of abuse to the teacher or assistant this will result in immediate termination and legal action may be sought.
  • 21. Children with a cough, cold or temperature will not be permitted to swim. If your child or anyone in your household are showing symptoms of covid-19 STAY HOME and follow government guidance.